How to Get Your Holiday Food Home Safe and Intact

As the holidays approach, we all look forward to that amazing family meal. Cooking, setting the table, and dishes aren't the only messy jobs that people have to deal with during the holidays, however. It can be an adventure to just get that turkey home safely without making a mess all over your beautiful car!

Here are some helpful tips for making sure that the cranberry sauce doesn't become a part of your upholstery!
  • Always Make Sure Your Food is in a Safe Container Making sure your containers are leak-safe will help keep your car clean this holiday season.
  • Never Leave Open Containers in the Trunk While you may be wanting to take all that food home from grandmas, don't try to take too much. The trunk is no place for all that extra potato salad!
  • Don't Eat and Drive We all know how delicious that pie was, but you can wait a few minutes until you get home!
If you are going to be running food between houses this season, come on down to Capitol Chevrolet for that latest turkey transporting truck or cranberry hauling convertible!


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