Prepare Your Vehicle and Yourself For Holiday Travel

What are the best strategies for preparing your vehicle for the upcoming holiday travel season to ensure that you make it to your destination safely?

Make sure to be up to date on your oil changes and have your vehicle’s fluids checked. Also, it is a great time to have your tires checked. Make an appointment with the service department at Capitol Chevrolet to have a service checkup on your vehicle. The qualified mechanics might be able to anticipate any major problems that you may acquire while on vacation. Other tips to follow to ensure a smooth trip is to leave early in the morning to avoid higher traffic volume. If you are traveling a long distance make sure you pay attention to speed limits and the other drivers around you. Allow for extra driving time because holiday travel often means more traffic and accidents.

The holidays tend to be a busy time for Capitol Chevrolet so make an appointment with the service department today!


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