Transfer Case Maintenance

As the owner of a 4-wheel drive vehicle you understand the importance of routine maintenance, but what is a transfer case and when do I need to service it? Below are some tips about transfer cases:
• Transfer Case- 4-wheel drive vehicles require a transfer case because it directs power to both vehicle axles through separate drive shafts. If the vehicle is in 4WD mode then the driveshaft inside the transfer case allows both the front and rear wheels to pull the vehicle, if the vehicle is in 2WD mode then the driveshaft in the transfer case allows only the rear wheels to pull the vehicle. (

• Whether you use 4-wheel drive or not your transfer case will need routine maintenance because it requires fluid to lubricate and cool parts. It is relatively inexpensive to have the transfer case routinely checked but if you do not maintain it replacing the case can be expensive. (

• How Often- The easiest way to remember to service your transfer case is to have it checked each time you have an oil change. Like your engine oil, the fluids in the transfer case can break down and no longer protect your car so it is important to have the transfer case checked. (

At Capitol Chevrolet we understand how important the transfer case is to your 4-wheel drive vehicle, if you are unsure if your transfer case need maintenance come visit any of our Salem locations and have one of our experts check it out.
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