Can Broken Radiator Vent Caps Cause Overheating?

Your engine depends on your cooling system to tame high cylinder temperatures, and your cooling system depends on the cooling fluid to move this heat from one place to another. The fluid needs to be maintained at certain pressure levels in order to keep its temperature down, and a small component called a radiator vent cap is central to this process.

On open cooling systems, the radiator cap lies towards the top of the core. It allows excess fluids and pressure to space through special valves, thus helping the system to regulate internal pressures.

Faulty vent caps may allow too much or too little fluid and pressure to escape, and this can have damaging consequences. Thankfully, broken vent caps can be easy to identify with professional pressure testing equipment.

At our service center in the Salem, OR area, we field experienced and certified cooling system experts with the specialized equipment necessary to ferret out your hidden cooling network issues. To take advantage of their skills and tools, come by Capitol Chevrolet today for a no-obligation assessment.

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