Look at These All-New Chevrolet Cruze Safety Features

When the new Chevrolet Cruze was released, it really raised the bar in the automotive industry. This popular compact car has numerous safety features you have to experience to believe.

The Lane Departure Warning system in the Chevrolet Cruze was designed to help reduce distractions or tired drivers from drifting out of the car lanes and into trouble. If the vehicle moves slowly over the lines, the steering wheel begins to vibrate to give the driver the chance to take corrective action and get back between those lane lines.

The Lane Change Alert feature in the Chevrolet Cruze monitors the road for any other vehicles getting to close to your car. If they get into your blind spot, the side mirrors flash so you don't leave the lane and wind up getting involved in an accident.

To see these features in action, test drive the Chevrolet Cruze at Capitol Chevrolet today!



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