More Space In The Chevrolet Traverse

When you look at the Chevrolet Traverse, you'll notice that there has been a focus placed on the space inside the SUV so that you can be comfortable while driving or as a passenger. Passengers in the back of the SUV have more legroom so that they are comfortable while riding in Salem. There's also more space in the back of the Traverse for hauling everything from groceries to your pets.

The new year features two different trims to choose from that give a modern and luxurious appearance to the SUV. Wheels on the vehicle have been blacked out along with a few accents that have been added to the rims. Settings in the vehicle alert the driver and passengers if they are not complying with safety standards, keeping everyone safe while on the road.

After leaving Capitol Chevrolet, you can try the adaptive cruise control as well as features that adapt the sound of the radio to the speed in the vehicle. You can also enjoy climate control and keyless access.



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