SUV buyers often look at cargo and passenger space when thinking about a purchase. The mid-sized Chevy Traverse does offer impressive interior specs. While spaciousness is a positive feature for drivers and passengers alike, so is safety. Chevrolet took safety seriously when engineering the Traverse, as the generous features prove.

The standard rear vision camera adds a valuable level of safety to driving in reverse. Drivers see what is directly behind them. The combination of alertness, a slow speed, and the rear vision camera should increase safety. As a bonus, the camera's display provides a parking assist guide.

The front pedestrian braking feature could prevent a disastrous collision. At speeds of 50 MPH and below, an alert can go off to warn of an impending collision with a pedestrian. The system also enhances hard braking when necessary.

The safety features come to life when you go on a test drive in Salem. Come to our dealership to take part in one.


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