New Chevrolet Truck Information in Salem, OR

Combining a rich history with relentless innovation, Chevy has consistently produced extraordinary trucks for over a century. The very first Chevy truck captured the world's attention and today, the Chevy name is synonymous with American trucks. When you choose a Chevy truck, you not only benefit from cutting-edge mechanical technology but also from the unparalleled heritage and experience that have shaped every new model. With a diverse range of options in the Chevy truck lineup, there's a perfect match for every job you need to tackle. The Chevy Colorado stands out as an exceptional midsize pickup, offering capability without excessive size. Meanwhile, the iconic Silverado boasts eight trims and six powertrain options, enabling drivers to find the ideal blend of performance, capability, efficiency, and size. For those requiring commercial strength, the Silverado HD takes center stage as the most capable truck Chevy has ever engineered. No matter the challenge, this Chevy truck possesses the sheer power to conquer it. Discover more about the latest Chevy trucks and how they stack up against competitors below, and embrace the legacy of excellence that accompanies each one.

New Chevrolet Colorado Model Comparisons

New Chevrolet Colorado Comparisons

New Chevrolet Silverado Model Comparisons

New Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Comparisons

New Chevrolet Silverado HD Model Comparisons

New Chevrolet Silverado HD Comparisons

    Trust in the Longevity of Chevy Trucks

    It's no surprise that when you decide to upgrade to a Chevy truck, there's a whole lot more to buying one than just showing up on the lot and pointing at the one that catches your eye. There's much research to be done in order to find the perfect truck to fit your unique and specific needs. Are you looking for a truck for work, play, something in between, or both? Once you make that decision, your next step is what features are the most important to you. With all of the Chevy truck models, you'll find multiple options for cab size and bed length so you can configure your pickup to meet your needs perfectly. And with so many different brands on the road, we understand it can be difficult to narrow your choice down to one, which is why we put together the handy comparison guides below. Not only can you see how the Chevy truck lineup fares against each other, but we pit them against their toughest competition from Toyota, Ford, and Ram so you can see how Chevrolet comes out on top. Chevy trucks are renowned for not only their exceptional capability and durability but also for their long-lasting value on the road. But don't just take our word for it; Kelley Blue Book has consistently recognized the Chevy Colorado, Silverado, and Silverado HD with prestigious awards for their outstanding resale values, best buy value, and best 5-year cost-to-own value. If you're seeking a truck model that serves as a wise investment, retaining its high-quality value throughout its lifespan, look no further than the remarkable Chevy truck lineup.