Cleaning your car doesn't have to take all day. A quick 15-minute car wash each week requires a kit of tools and materials though to streamline your efforts. In our quick car wash kit, you'll find a car wash mitt, car wash shampoo, microfiber cloth, bucket for clean water, and glass cleaner. You also want to have a garden hose or pressure washer to pre-rinse your vehicle.

After a pre-rinse to remove loose debris, you'll apply car shampoo to the mitt and start to clean your car from the top on down. Working side to side, the car mitt is superior to the sponge because it doesn't absorb dirty water and grime. You'll get a much cleaner car in a faster time using a mitt.

The final step is to rinse off your car and then clean your windows with glass cleaner and microfiber cloth. If you're looking for a detailed car exterior and interior service, Capitol Chevrolet offers the best rates in Salem, OR.

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