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Taking care of your ride sounds like a no-brainer, but actually going through the steps and staying up to date on your maintenance is a whole different game. When your vehicle is shiny and new, you feel compelled to keep up with maintenance, but as you push off one oil change, or other bills start stacking up, maintenance can often fall to the wayside. If you're concerned about how much a repair will cost, we're here to help. At Capitol Chevrolet we want to help make the care of your ride as affordable as possible. To help maintain the integrity of your Chevy, keeping up with routine maintenance is crucial to help stave off more expensive maintenance further down the line. Our elite staff is here to help in our service center, where certified and trained Chevrolet technicians are ready to offer your ride the care it deserves. Since our technicians are skilled and GM-approved, you know you're getting the best value there is with our knowledgeable team of experts taking a peek at your vehicle, and since we only use OEM parts and accessories, the same great quality that your Chevrolet originally started out with goes back into your vehicle with each repair.

Pushing off a routine maintenance appointment for a little bit longer might sound like a good idea in theory, but the longer maintenance is left undone, the more likely it is that a larger problem could occur. Skipping an oil change at the suggested marker might seem reasonable, but adding thousands of miles extra between changes puts additional stress on the mechanics inside your ride. Avoiding having your brakes serviced until they screech at every touch sounds like an inconvenience for mainly you, but if your brake lines go and you can no longer stop your vehicle, you're a danger to yourself and anyone else out on the road. And if something happens to one tire, you might consider simply replacing that single tire instead of each one, but this can have its own list of issues. Instead of spending more on the set, you'll have uneven wear on the tires which can alter your alignment and if you utilize four-wheel or all-wheel drive, it could affect the performance of your vehicle and lead to more repairs down the line.

Revolving Savings

We regularly update our specials to fit our customers. On our website we offer exclusive coupons and deals to help with the upkeep of your ride, and these revolving deals change often. That way, if you really need to have your car realigned, or those new tires are just out of reach, we often offer a deal that can help alleviate some of the strain of those costs. Check out our available deals online to see what works for you before your next appointment, then give us a call to get on our schedule. We care about you and your Chevy, and want to help you extend the longevity of your ride. Visit us here on the parkway when you're ready for your next maintenance appointment. And if disaster strikes and you're in the market for a sudden repair, we may have a deal to help with that too. We truly believe in doing business Your Way on the Parkway.



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