Chevrolet Frequently Asked Service Questions & Answers in Salem, OR

Your Chevrolet is made to brave the roads ahead, but no matter the level of endurance, a little TLC can go a long way extending the overall life of your ride. When you choose a Chevrolet, you want to get the most out of your investment and get the best longevity for your ride, and we're here to help make that a reality. Knowing the care that your ride needs, and understanding how a routine maintenance schedule can truly benefit you in the long run and stave off surprise repairs until further down the line. Eventually, you will have to shell out the cash for more costly repairs, but taking measures to keep your Chevy in the best condition possible means you won't need to pay as much every time your ride visits the shop. Knowing the general maintenance schedule for your ride is key to knowing when you can optimize maintenance and services. Gaining that know-how shouldn't be an endless maze of questions, so we've done the work for you at Capitol Chevrolet to make this as easy as possible. These general FAQs are guidelines for what you can observe on your ride and check to know when it's time for another visit, or if something seems wrong and you need to stop in and have your vehicle checked. You can use these tips throughout the lifetime of your ride, but if you think something is seriously wrong, it's always better to have a technician take a peek and be safe instead of sorry. If you have weekend plans, a long excursion, or you've just packed on the miles recently on your ride, stopping in for a quick check on your ride, getting the air in your tires filled up or rotating them around, doing a routine oil change, or any other minor maintenance can keep your worries at bay while you're out enjoying your time. Following these general maintenance procedures can help keep your Chevy running in peak condition.

Let Our Experts Help

If these general FAQs aren't answering your questions, or you have other concerns, you are always welcome to stop in and speak with us here at Capitol Chevrolet. Our certified and trained technicians are the best Chevy experts around, always happy to answer any questions and take a look at your ride to see what needs to be done. If your tires are starting to bald, or if you know it's been a while since your last oil change, you can bring your Chevy on by for routine maintenance or repairs, and ask our technicians to take a look at other additional concerns while you're here. Visit us today here on the parkway and keep your Chevy going strong.

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