Capitol Plus 2 Year Maintenance Program

Pre-owned vehicles are a great option if you're in the market for a new-to-you ride but don't want to shell out your hard-earned cash for a brand new model. Pre-owned vehicles come with their own quirks, which can be concerning if you aren't sure how to handle unexpected maintenance issues or repairs down the line. At Capitol Chevrolet we've made it our mission to give you an extra piece of mind when you decide to purchase a preloved vehicle, so you can find a ride that works for you and your budget without overstressing the unforeseen problems later on. We pride ourselves on offering a pre-owned inventory that undergoes a series of quality inspections upon arrival to ensure that each pre-owned vehicle be it a car, truck or SUV meets our rigorous standards of quality. We can't guarantee that everything is in perfect condition since these are preloved vehicles, but we do our part to inform you of the quality of ride, and with the Capitol Plus Program we can help you maintain your new-to-you ride. The Capitol Plus Program comes with the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle here at Capitol Chevrolet, and includes specific complimentary maintenance services. Slip into a new ride and don't stress about the uncertainties of the future.

With the Capitol Plus Program you are guaranteed service for the first two years or for the first 20,000 miles after the date of purchase of your preloved ride, and your pre-owned vehicle has basic services covered under this plan. This can help you with inconveniences or issues down the road to help avoid a catastrophic repair out of nowhere. And your benefits don't stop there; during this period, we offer complimentary maintenance services. Browse our expansive pre-owned inventory online or in-store and let us help you find the preloved vehicle you've been searching for here in Salem.



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