So many people believe dealerships play no part in the community around them, much less share an interest and involvement in various events and organizations. With the Capitol Auto Group, we believe it should be the opposite: as a favored dealership group here in Salem, we strive to make life easier and more enjoyable for the citizens here, and our involvement in the community and wellbeing of our home is an important step to connecting with those around us. We might be a Chevy-focused dealership, but the entire Capitol Auto Group works to be involved with the whole of the community. Salem is a breathtaking place, full of livelihood, amazing people, and nature spots galore. If we didn't reach out and involve ourselves in the community, we'd be missing out on some of the best parts of Salem, OR.

We work with the community to participate in different events throughout the seasons, from fundraisers to parades, luncheons, day events and more. One of the largest partnerships across the Capitol Auto Group is our commitment to the United Way nonprofit association, which is dedicated to providing health, financial stability and education throughout the community. We have an annual fundraiser in February properly named "28 Days of Love" which proceeds go to this outstanding organization. Each year we aim to top our last accumulated donations, and in 2022 we again managed to raise an exceedingly high amount of donations for this stellar group and increased our top amount by over $40K! We believe everyone in the Salem community should have the ability and resources to thrive, and we stand behind the beliefs of the United Way organization. We work with many other groups throughout the year to help elevate the level of living and resources throughout our community; life isn't just about doing business on the parkway, it's also about living to the fullest and enjoying the journey.

Capitol Auto Group Invites You to Join the Family

Everyone should feel welcome when they step through our dealership doors or visit with us at a community event. Our outreach to local schools and charities give us unique insights into the livelihood of everyday Salem citizens. It's important that you feel at home when chatting with the Capitol Auto Group; we don't go to these events for flashy promotions, but because we truly care about those around us and want to be an integral part of the community. One of our favorite additions to our group is our knowledgeable, dedicated, and friendly Spanish-speaking staff members. Finding a new ride is already hard enough; a language barrier shouldn't be the deterrent. We proudly staff team members from all walks of life so you never need to feel out of place or misunderstood when you step through our doors. And when we work with the community around us we aim to involve anyone who is interested in being part of the event, no matter what. Salem is a hodgepodge of different people, all of whom make up our fun and vacation-centric home city. At the Capitol Auto Group, we aim to keep that diversity going and are always looking for ways to be a part of our ever-expanding community.

We are proud of our ongoing involvement and commitment to our community. As the seasons change and new events, school fundraisers, community meetings and charities come to light, we hope to be a part of these new opportunities as well. Our community involvement is one of our greatest successes, and we invite you to check out some honorable sponsors and organizations we've worked with and supported in the past:

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