Capitol Chevrolet Sells Only Genuine Chevrolet Parts
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At Capitol Chevrolet we're more than just talk. We make it our mission to live up to the hype with our exclusive parts and accessories available for your Chevy, and we pride ourselves on offering the best products around. We aren't just boasting, either; we actually do offer the best products for  Chevrolet and General Motors vehicles by exclusively stocking genuine OEM parts and accessories. Anything that slips onto the shelves here in our parts department meets the high expectations of General Motors, the parent company for Chevrolet. When a part or accessory meets the approval of General Motors, it means that parts meets and/or exceeds the quality expected from any GM brand. When you shop here at Capitol Chevrolet, you know that the products you're looking at are made specifically for Chevrolet engineering, meaning you can bypass the headache of third-party or aftermarket parts and accessories that are run-of-the-mill generic pieces that won't meld perfectly to your vehicle. It might be tempting to look at an independent parts store, but the upfront cost won't outweigh the money you save shopping at a parts center that is made to mesh with your Chevrolet perfectly. We know the cost of an OEM part can be a deterrent, but you run the risk of needing a repair handled again sooner when you choose a generic replacement, or worse, that generic part might cause damage if the fit isn't perfect and you'll have to stomach a larger bill to fit the overall issue. Keep these headache-inducing problems at bay here with us at Capitol Chevrolet and only worry about shopping Genuine Chevy parts and accessories.

Find Parts and Get the Maintenance and Repairs Taken Care Of

It's hard enough to find a mechanic you trust, and to find someone honed to the unique engineering behind your Chevy is a whole other matter. If you're already checking us out for the best Chevrolet parts and accessories in Salem, then it's a no brainer to take a peek at our elite service center as well. Our center is chock full of factory-trained and certified Chevrolet specialists who know the ins and outs of Chevy engineering. Not only are they well-versed with the unique mechanics behind GM vehicles, but we also only use the Genuine Chevrolet products here at our center. Our experts can help you navigate the tricky waters of finding a replacement or upgraded part or accessory, and we can take care of the job for you so you drive away from our center ready to go. And since our technicians are trained by Chevrolet to know the specifics of each part, you don't have to worry about any parts of accessories being mishandled or substituting parts and accessories that aren't an ideal fit for your ride. Not only can we handle the work for you, but our team is available to answer any questions or concerns you have about our available parts and accessories. You are always welcome to check out our online inventory or swing by at your convenience to see what we have readily available. If something needs to be ordered, we can help you navigate that process as well. At Capitol Chevrolet we live by our motto doing business Your Way on the Parkway.