Capitol Chevrolet Sells Only Genuine Chevrolet Parts
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It might surprise you to learn that all parts are not created equal. In the automotive world there are lots of third-party and aftermarket sellers that offer generic and one-size-fits-all parts and accessories at a more "affordable" price that is appealing to the masses. But unless you take the time to research individual parts, or you're a car guru, you'll probably never have a reason to question why those generic parts need replacement so often. When you shop at a store that isn't Chevrolet approved, you'll never get to see the expansive OEM parts and accessories inventory. These parts and accessories are Chevrolet-approved, meaning they are made to uniquely fit your Chevy, and last longer than generic parts. While a generic or aftermarket part will do the job, you might be frustrated after shelling out the money for a part and, most likely, a technician or mechanic to handle the repair or installation, just for your replacement to break in a short time and you'll need to start the process over. One-size-fits-all really doesn't work in the automotive industry, because each brand is vastly different, and a generic part or accessory will not properly fit. That ill-fitting component will result in additional maintenance sooner.

When you chat with our experts here at Capitol Chevrolet, or if you want to browse through our parts department in person, you'll notice the difference. All our parts and accessories are approved by Chevrolet, meaning they are uniquely crafted to fit your vehicle. These parts are specific to your year and model and vary across the lineup. Choosing something specifically crafted to fit your ride erases the concern about an ill-fitting product, and that perfect fit alleviates some of the wear and tear. This can extend the time between replacement parts, meaning you'll save time and money on parts and labor.

Expert Hands and Expert Parts

Choosing a genuine Chevrolet part or accessory means you'll want a Chevy expert handling your replacement component. Jack-of-all-trades auto shops might be able to install it for you, but the technicians are not experts in Chevrolet engineering. A mechanic shop that sees various brands has a vast knowledge of different mechanical designs, but vast knowledge does not an expert make. Chevrolet has been a long-standing name in the automotive industry, and our experts are certified and trained by Chevy. This in-depth knowledge gives them a unique insight into Chevrolet and GM engineering that other auto shops simply cannot match. If you're going to spend the time to seek out an OEM part or accessory, you'll want a knowledgeable technician to handle your latest purchase. And since our experts are trained by Chevy for Chevy, our insight goes beyond a single repair. We can let you know if you've selected the correct part or accessory, or we can select for you and save you the hassle. Our service department will also let you know if anything else looks amiss while checking out your ride, and we can tell you when the next maintenance appointment would need to be scheduled so you can avoid surprises.

If you aren't a car guru, automotive specifics probably sound like a lot of jargon. We are here to help break down what you're looking for in a replacement or upgraded part, so you stay in the know about what your vehicle needs and how OEM parts and accessories benefit you. If we don't have a specific part or accessory available in store we can always order for you so you can have your vehicle serviced with the care and love it deserves. When you're ready for your next maintenance appointment or unexpected repair, our experts are here to help. Chat with us in person here in Salem or give us a call to let our technicians know what's going on. We look forward to caring for your ride here at Capitol Chevrolet.