Why Certified Pre-Owned Models Are Right For You

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When it’s time to upgrade your ride you want to get the most out of your money. Buying a brand new vehicle with all the bells and whistles might sound like a dream, but the hefty price tag can be a deterrent. Let us introduce you to our exclusive Certified Pre-Owned inventory - a copious collection of vehicles a tiny step down from brand new, and leagues above the average used ride. When you think pre-owned, “used” comes to mind, and that might not always leave the best impression. That’s why our CPO inventory is so sought-after; you get a vehicle that is almost brand new, without the liabilities and questions that a basic, run-of-the-mill used car might foster. For a car or SUV to be considered a CPO model, rigorous testing and qualifications are required in order to meet the high standards necessary to be classified as certified with Capitol Chevrolet. CPO models often have a lower mileage per year, and have to pass difficult serious safety standards to step into the CPO market. By perusing and purchasing from our CPO market, you have an extra layer of security that your next car or SUV will outlast a trial run. For most CPO models, there is still a warranty when they come back to our shop and pass the qualifications to be labeled CPO. Unlike traditional used vehicles, CPO models offer incentives to help after your initial purchase.

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Certified Pre-Owned models vehicles are just a step below brand new, and typically only have one or two previous drivers, which is yet another benefit to the CPO market. Some of these benefits include 24/7 roadside assistance, factory-backed coverage, powertrain warranty, and the available CARFAX Vehicle History Report and Buyback Guarantee. Traditional or non-CPO models do not come with any added assurances and they may not be in as good of condition when they reenter the market. A lot of the used vehicles on our lot are trade-ins, and we do not hold these vehicles to the same standards as the CPO models. They can have higher mileage per year, they do not come with the remainder of the manufacturer warranty, and they have a lower remaining value than CPO and new models. These vehicles are priced based on their "as-is" condition and are not necessarily Chevy vehicles, so we do not guarantee the superb quality that you associate with Chevrolet. If you want to get the most value for your money, get a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle and breathe a little easier knowing your vehicle will last.

When you purchase a comfortable, Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, you know your investment goes towards a car or SUV that meets the highest standards expected by Chevrolet. Not only do you get a detailed history on the vehicle, but you have the added assurance that it passed a technical, rigorous test to be classified as CPO. Shop online or in person at our dealership in Salem for your new-to-you CPO Chevy vehicle, or contact us with any questions at Capitol Chevrolet.

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At Capitol Chevrolet we aim to provide a unique-to-you car buying experience that takes the stress of finding a new ride off your shoulders. We offer a variety of new and used cars, trucks and SUVs to outfit you with any ride. Not to mention our deluxe CPO inventory to broaden your options. Our staff is ready to help you navigate the twists and turns of the car buying experience, and our financing team can assist with finding the right financial choice for you. And when it's time to have your new ride serviced, our exceptional team of factory-trained technicians can help resolve any issues. Stop in today and find out everything we can offer here at Capitol Chevrolet.