OEM Replacement Windshields

If you've got a damaged, cracked or smashed windshield on your Chevrolet, head to Capitol Chevy for a high-quality OEM replacement. Did you know that modern camera- and sensor-based driver assistance features like automatic emergency braking can be affected by a poorly installed windshield? On modern vehicles, getting the windshield replaced properly is more important than ever. That's why it pays to trust OEM parts direct from General Motors.

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What Makes OEM Auto Glass Special?

There's nothing about the glass itself that is special. Most windshield glass is laminated with a thin layer of PVB between two sheets of high-strength glass. The PVB is totally transparent yet it prevents the glass from shattering into pieces in the event of an accident. Instead, the windshield pieces remain in place. 

However, the OEM also provides exact specifications for how the glass must be installed for maximum strength and durability. Only a few specific sealants and primers are approved for use by the OEM. General Motors doesn't sugarcoat it when they say, "When replacing stationary windows, only use a single component adhesive kit, or an adhesive system meeting GM Specifications, to maintain original installation integrity. Failure to use the single component adhesive kit will result in poor retention of the window which may allow unrestrained occupants to be ejected from the vehicle resulting in personal injury."

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Driver Assistance Calibration

Vehicles that use cameras to monitor the traffic around you will need their front-facing cameras recalibrated after a windshield replacement. Even if you prefer to install the new windshield yourself, you'll likely want a Chevrolet expert with dealership-grade tools to help calibrate the cameras. Otherwise, the automatic emergency braking functions may malfunction. As you can imagine, this can create a dangerous situation on the road.

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