When the weather is warmer, you're more likely to see bicyclists around Dallas, OR. That means you need to be more cautious. Discover ways that Capitol Chevrolet can help you stay safe when bicyclists are present.

Maintain a speed that is 5-10 M.P.H below the posted limit. You have a better opportunity to react to any sudden changes by the bicyclist. If you're in an area that is more likely to have bicyclists, it's better to approach the area with increased alertness. Bicyclists can appear suddenly in Salem, OR. You should also be more aware of your blind spot. Keep it in mind and stay calm if it seems like they came out of nowhere. Bicyclists are not aware that you cannot see them. But they may assume that you do.

Designated bike routes have a posted warning sign. With the advanced warning of a bike route, you have an opportunity to be on higher alert. Use it to your advantage to be safer.

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