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Keeping your car running well for years to come is easy when you follow the preventative maintenance recommendations provided in the owner's manual. Inside, you'll find all the information you need about what oil goes into your car and how often to change it.

But there's more to it for those who want to go the extra mile to protect their ride. You can switch to synthetic oil for longer-lasting protection; you can get OEM oil hand-picked by the factory to perform best in your car; you can even take it upon yourself to check your own oil so you know exactly what's going into your engine. Learn more about how to select the best motor oil for your car from the experts at the Capitol Chevrolet service center! We've compiled four tips below for getting the right oil for your engine.

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#4 Oil Weight and Viscosity -- What Those Numbers Mean

Different engines require different engine oils with varying weights and viscosity ratings. These numbers tell you how the oil flows at different temperatures. For example, one of the most common engine oils found in Chevrolet vehicles is called 5W-30. Other oil types like 10W-30 or 5W-20 are also used in some engines.

You'll find the recommended rating for your car in the owner's manual. The first number refers to how well the oil flows when cold (the 'W' in the rating stands for "Winter"). The second number refers to how the oil flows at the engine's normal operating temperature, which is usually about 212° fahrenheit. Putting the wrong oil in your engine will cause problems as parts may not be properly lubricated at certain temperatures -- leading to major engine damage.

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#3 Conventional VS Synthetic -- What's The Best High Mileage Oil?

When picking motor oil, one of the most important choices you'll have to make is between conventional or synthetic oil. Both types of oil also come with additives that make the oil stronger and more stable in a modern engine, but there is a key difference.

Conventional oil is merely refined crude oil with some additives thrown in. It works fine in most engines. Synthetic oil is further engineered and distilled to make it even more pure. This means it protects high mileage engines better, and it's slower to form sludge. In fact, most modern Chevy vehicles are filled with synthetic oil from the factory.

Not sure whether to go with the value of conventional oil or the performance and longevity of full synthetic? A synthetic blend can split the difference on cost and performance, and it's an ideal middle ground for many Salem-area drivers.

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#2 OEM VS Bulk Oil -- Chevy Dexos Oil Specifications

Since 2011, General Motors' own AC Delco manufactures synthetic oil for use in all Chevy cars. This oil is produced to the exacting Dexos quality standards developed by GM. Only oil certified by GM to meet the Dexos standard should be put in any modern Chevrolet vehicle. Here in our service center at Capitol Chevy, we get Dexos-certified oil direct from AC Delco to ensure quality performance on your car time after time.

Even if it's synthetic oil of the correct weight and viscosity, oil used at your local quick-lube chain location is usually "bulk oil" which is not certified by GM to meet Dexos standards. This type of oil may not give your sophisticated Chevy engine the protection it needs for maximum performance and longevity. That's why it's always a good idea to get OEM oil from your local Chevrolet dealer when getting the oil changed on your car.

#1 Engine Oil Life Monitors

No matter what oil you put in your car, be sure to keep an eye on its condition and have the oil replaced before it starts to form sludge and degrade your engine's performance.

Modern Chevy cars come with oil life monitors that will alert you when your car is in need of an oil change. Older models will need to be checked manually using the dipstick. Be aware that conventional oil breaks down rapidly compared to synthetic, and may need to be replaced at least every 3,000 milles. Full synthetic oil can last 7,500 miles or more between changes. A synthetic blend will need to be changed somewhere in the middle. Even if your car is equipped with an oil life monitor, it's a good idea to check the condition of your oil at home once every month, just to be safe. If the oil level is low or it starts to turn black and thin, stop by our service center for a fast, inexpensive oil change using quality oil engineered with your vehicle in mind.

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