Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Long Road Trip - Service Information at Capitol Chevrolet

Long road journeys can be extra taxing on your car. The constant freeway speeds, the lack of shelter and all that heat and friction can do a number on your car. And nobody wants to get stranded in the middle of nowhere. That's why it's important to assess the health of your vehicle and its readiness for the open road before you embark. Get some tips from the experts at Capitol Chevy below! Our goal is to make your next family road trip simple, straightforward and stress-free.

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4. Things To Know Before You Embark

In the old days, you'd load up the family station wagon prepared for any eventuality. But today, you can get a much better idea of what road and weather conditions await you on your route. Planning your route with Google Maps can help you identify unpaved roads, stay off toll roads, avoid major population centers and their traffic and get an idea of exactly how long your journey will take. Remember that the straightest route may not be the fastest. Besides, you'll also want to pick a route that takes you on some scenic bypasses if you want the ultimate road trip experience!

Pay special attention to the weather conditions between you and your destination. If you'll be tackling mountain passes in winter, you might consider snow tires or chains. If you'll be on the plains or in the desert during the summer, make sure your wiper blades are in good shape and your tires have plenty of tread for those summer storms.

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3. Things To Bring For Safety

An emergency roadside kit is crucial for making sure you're prepared if an accident should befall you on the road. You'll want reflectors and road flairs for identifying your vehicle on the side of the road, a first aid kit and other essentials like jumper cables, some clean water and perhaps a basic toolkit. You should also have some extra wiper fluid on hand, as you'll be using it plenty for bug strikes.

And if you're driving the latest vehicles from Chevrolet, you can also bring along Chevrolet OnStar®. Using satellite-based telematics that work even beyond the range of your cell phone, OnStar® can detect accidents, dispatch emergency aid, provide roadside assistance and even help you if you get lost. OnStar® is perfect for giving you peace of mind even when far from home!

2. Things To Bring For Comfort & Convenience

Many people experience motion sickness trying to entertain themselves by reading in the car. This is caused by a confusion in the brain when your other senses indicate that you're moving (such as the rise and fall of the suspension as you drive down the road), but your vision is fixed in one place (like when reading a magazine). So, you may want to bring along more audio-based forms of entertainment, like music and podcasts. And if you want the local flavor as you explore the countryside, it's easy to find terrestrial radio stations near you using your stereo's seek function, or looking them up online.

If you've got kids, you probably know that snacks and electronic devices are essential, but here are some things you might not have considered: Grab a trash bag to make easy work of refuse from gas station runs and fast-food lunches. Bring towels and pinch them between the window glass and the window frame to make an improvised sun shade. And airport neck pillows make for a compact and comfortable solution when your passengers want to get some shut-eye.

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1. Inspect Your Vehicle's Condition

The most important thing you can do before your head out on a road trip? Get a multi-point inspection for your vehicle from the pros at Capitol Chevrolet! After all, what could be worse than suffering a mechanical failure thousands of miles from home and hundreds from the nearest town?

Our team will perform a thorough inspection, looking for any potential trouble spots. We'll make sure all your fluids are topped up and performing well, that your engine is running smoothly and that your vehicle is ready to handle the stress of a long road trip. If we spot any problems, we'll alert you so that we can make a fix and ensure your car can handle whatever the open road can throw at it!



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