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Blown head gaskets are common causes of overheating vehicles. It's always distressing when a head gasket fails, since replacing it is an expensive repair. Though not particularly common, it's even more frustrating when the engine continues to overheat after a head gasket replacement service. If your Chevy has been acting up this way, here are three possible reasons.

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3. The Coolant Level Is Low

A blown head gasket causes coolant to leak into the vehicle's engine, lowering the coolant levels while also overheating the engine. While it's not common, there is a chance that the mechanic who performed the repair forgot to refill the coolant to its proper level. To check this for yourself, simply pop the hood when the engine is cold and look at the coolant tank. If the coolant level is lower than the minimum line, topping off the system may be all that's necessary.

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2. Other Cooling System Issues

At authorized Chevrolet service centers, our technicians will thoroughly inspect the cooling system when they perform a head gasket replacement. However, some less reputable shops may not perform this inspection. It's important to check components like the radiator and the water pump, as well as the coolant itself (which may have become contaminated). A problem with one of these could lead to an overheating engine, even after a head gasket replacement.

1. The Engine Has Been Damaged

If everything else looks as it should, it's time to look at the rest of the engine. If it's still overheating after a head gasket replacement, there's a good chance that the engine has suffered damage. This may be better than it sounds, as components like a damaged thermostat could be to blame. But it could also mean that the engine block itself has become cracked or slightly warped. Whatever the cause, it's best to trust engine work to the experts who know your Chevy best.

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