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Why is my Chevy harder to start after sitting for a few hours

It's a frustrating experience when your car doesn't seem to want to start up. A difficult start could be due to a number of things, from a dying battery to a faulty starter. But if your vehicle has a hard time starting after sitting for just a few hours, it can cause an extra layer of confusion. When this happens, one of the most common causes is low fuel pressure. Modern vehicles are equipped with a fuel injection system that relies upon high pressure; if it's not established and maintained, things won't work as they should. Below, we've listed three possible reasons for low fuel pressure; however, it's a good idea to schedule an appointment with an authorized Chevrolet service center so that the technicians can take a look at your vehicle.

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3. The Fuel Pump Is Bad

The fuel pump feeds fuel from your vehicle's gas tank into the engine, where it can be mixed with air and enter the cylinders to create combustion. However, if the fuel pump isn't working as it should, the fuel pressure may be too low. Other telltale signs of a bad fuel pump include a whining noise and lower gas mileage.

2. The Fuel Filter Is Clogged

The fuel filter makes sure that debris and contaminants don't enter the engine with the fuel. If it's become clogged, it can also lower the fuel pressure. If a fuel filter is clogged, the car may sometimes sputter or even stall, and may also have trouble accelerating.

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1. The Fuel Injectors Are Clogged

If it's not the filter, the fuel injectors themselves may become clogged. As their name might indicate, these little devices inject fuel into your engine. They have to spray the right amount of fuel for a good fuel and air mixture, so any change in pressure or even the angle of spray may cause problems. While a good filter will help prevent clogged injectors, they can still get clogged over time, leading to lower fuel pressure.

Because these three problems present most of the same symptoms, proper diagnosis can be difficult. That's why we recommend leaving it to the expert technicians at Capitol Chevrolet.

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