Reasons Why Wheel Alignment is Important - Service Information at Capitol Chevrolet

When it rolls off the assembly line, the suspension and steering geometry of a new Chevrolet are precisely set. Proper wheel alignment provides predictable handling, easy drivability and a steering wheel that automatically returns to the center position after a turn. But, over time, forces of the road on the vehicle can knock things subtly out of wack -- or not so subtly if you hit a big pothole or jump a curb. That can make your vehicle hard to handle and downright obnoxious to drive! Below, we'll tell you exactly why having your vehicle's alignment correctly adjusted is so important to your comfort behind the wheel.

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4. Bad Alignment Can Cause Your Steering Wheel To Be Off-Center

While it might not bother you too much when getting around town, this can become an issue when driving on rural, twisting two-lane highways and traveling at highway speeds. The beginning and end of all your maneuvers should place the steering wheel at it's 12 o'clock center position. But if your alignment is off, you may find the vehicle only tracks straight when the steering wheel is slightly turned. This is a dead giveaway that your car probably needs alignment service -- and it can have a negative impact on your drive itself. It's hard to make precise maneuvers when you can't easily return to the dead-center position that sends your vehicle straight ahead.

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3. Bad Alignment Can Put Stress On Your Vehicle's Suspension

If your car's alignment isn't quite right, this can put added strain on your vehicle. Specifically, the suspension and even some steering components can suffer. If the wheels are fighting against the suspension and the direction of the vehicle's travel, this can accelerate wear on parts like ball joints, suspension bushings, tie rods and more. If you don't want to have to fix these parts sooner than otherwise necessary, get your vehicle's alignment fixed as soon as you detect a problem.

2. Bad Alignment Puts Additional Wear On Your Tires

One of the most obvious symptoms of poor vehicle alignment is accelerated wear on one side of your vehicle's tires. Since the wheels aren't true to the vehicle's direction of travel, your tires will tend to wear rapidly on just one side. If you don't detect any of the other problems described on this page, but you notice uneven tire wear, an alignment check is probably a good idea.

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1. Bad Alignment Makes Your Car More Difficult & Fatiguing To Drive

If your alignment is bad enough, you'll have to be fighting against your car as you drive -- which can make it stressful to drive! While it's not exactly a good idea, if you were to let go of the wheel on a car with accurate alignment, if the wheel were at 12 o'clock dead-center, the vehicle would track dead-ahead. But if your alignment is off, letting go of the wheel would allow the wheel to turn of its own volition. Not only does it make driving more effortful and exhausting, it can be downright unsafe!