Common Causes of Tire Damage - Service Information at Capitol Chevrolet

While you can't prevent that contractor's pickup truck from spilling debris all over the road, you can make sure your tires are set up correctly, giving them the best chance of avoiding major damage. We're here to help at Capitol Chevy! Ensuring your car's alignment is correct, your tire pressure is correct and you've got the right tires for the conditions you'll face will make sure your tires last as long as possible. We make sure your dollar goes further at the Capitol Chevrolet service department.

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5. Unavoidable Obstacles

Sadly, it's an inescapable truth that most of the things that cause damage to your vehicle's tires are, well, inescapable. You just can't see nails, screws, shards of glass and other detritus in the road that could puncture your tires. This is perhaps the most common source of unexpected tire damage. Furthermore, hitting a big pothole or striking a curb could cause damage to your tires and could even deform the rim, leading to an instant blowout.

However, if you suffer puncture damage to a tire in the tire's tread, we may be able to perform an affordable repair instead of replacing it with a brand-new tire! Sidewall damage cannot be repaired, but if you got a nail or other object stuck in your tire tread, head to our service center quickly for a repair. For best results, remove the affected tire and install your vehicle's temporary spare, so your damaged tire doesn't sustain any additional damage.

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4. Underinflation

If you don't have the correct amount of air in your tires, they'll wear faster than usual, which could lead to premature damage and needing to invest in a new set of tire sooner than otherwise necessary!

Underinflated tires don't have enough air to properly push the contact patch outward toward the road, meaning they'll ride on their edges, leaving the tread in the middle untouched. This will lead to rapid wear of the edges of your tires. Furthermore, underinflated tires don't have as much help supporting the weight of the vehicle, puting added strain on the tires' sidewalls.

3. Overinflation

If your tires are too inflated, they could be at greater risk of a blow-out in the event that you hit a curb or pothole. What's more, excess air pressure can cause the tire tread to bulge, so that only the middle portion of the tire touches the road. The edges of the tread won't make contact with the road, leading to reduced traction and excess wear.

To find the proper pressure to which your tires should be inflated, check for a sticker inside the vehicle's door jamb. It'll tell you exactly what pressure level is recommended for your tires by the manufacturer.

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2. Curb Damage

Curbs can wreak havoc on your wheels and tires if you're not careful. Curb rash develops when your wheels rub up against a parallel curb briefly. This will lead to scuffing on your wheels and damage to the tire's sidewalls. Furthermore, this could cause your tire to separate from the wheel, leading to a blowout and possible damage to the wheel itself. Steep road transitions, speed bumps and sharp curbs should be taken slowly to reduce the risk to your tires.

1. Steering Alignment

If the alignment on your car is out-of-whack, your tires will wear more rapidly. When your vehicle's alignment is correctly adjusted, each wheel is perfectly aligned to track straight and level. Over time, your alignment can suffer minute changes from road forces. These minute changes add up and, eventually, your wheels will be misaligned, fighting somewhat against the vehicle's intended direction. This will also create excess friction at your tires, causing them to wear much faster.

To make sure your tires last as long as possible, get some help from the team at Capitol Chevrolet! In our state-of-the-art service center, we can perform an alignment check, adjust your tire pressure and even repair many kinds of tire damage so you don't have to spend more on a new tire or set of tires.




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