Things to Know When the Airbag Light Comes On - Service Information at Capitol Chevrolet

The supplemental restraint systems inside vehicles play a vital role in saving numerous lives every year. If the system isn't working as it should, your safety will be negatively affected. Fortunately, the airbag warning system will illuminate a dashboard light if something is wrong. Learn more about what this light means below.

Person buckling a seat belt

4. The Seat Belts May Be To Blame

The SRS light refers to the entire Supplemental Restraint System. This means that the seat belts may also cause the light to illuminate. While making sure everyone is buckled in may solve the problem, it could also be caused by a seat belt switch that isn't registering a fastened belt. This could be caused by a foreign object like a coin that's become jammed in the buckle, or the sensors could have malfunctioned. In cases like these, the seat belt may still be able to click, but the sensor will read it as not being secured.

Close-up of steering wheel airbag

3. Airbag Control Module or Sensors May Be Faulty

The airbag control module is the computer that controls the airbags, and it can often be found under the driver's seat.  It takes information from a variety of impact sensors that let it know when the airbags should be deployed. If the control module or any of the sensors are faulty, the airbag might not be deployed when necessary. Damage to the sensors or the control module can happen in cars with severe water damage, but it's not unheard of for them to fail on their own.

2. Your Vehicle May Have Been in a Previous Accident

If your vehicle was in a crash that was strong enough to activate the impact sensors, but not bad enough to deploy the airbags, the light may turn on. This is because the control module may think that the airbags have been deployed, which means it won't deploy them if you're in another accident. A reset will generally take care of this.

SRS light illuminated

1. Stop Driving

No matter what the cause is, it's best not to keep driving when this light turns on. Airbags and seat belts are critical safety features, and this light means that they may not work when they're needed most. It's best not to further risk your life if you get into an accident, so we recommend having your Chevy towed to your local service center.



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