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We don't know about you, but oil changes always seem to sneak up on us. And since there's no shortage of franchise places that specialize in quick oil changes, it may seem more convenient to head to one of these joints than to swing by the dealership. But is the convenience really worth it? In our opinion, it's not. Before you head to that oil change place down the street, take a look at five things we think you should know about independent oil change places.

Your oil change may not cost less at a franchise place 

5. Franchise Oil Change Places May Not Cost Less

Apart from the convenience, one reason that many people choose franchise oil change places is because they're perceived to be cheaper. While this may sometimes be the case, it's often not. Oil changes at the dealership are typically comparable in price to oil changes at franchise places. What's more, the regularly updated coupons you'll get at the dealership can help you save even more.

Certified expert inspections at the dealership provide accurate view of what needs to be done, rather than pushy upsells 

4. Beware of Sketchy, Pushy Upsells

You may think you're heading into one of these places just to get an oil change, but the folks there are almost certain to have a different idea. Most of the time, customers will get bombarded with extra repairs that their car apparently desperately needs. It's not uncommon for a technician to walk out into the lobby holding a filthy air filter to show you just how much your car needs a new one (never mind that it may not be your air filter they're showing you).

Of course, you may bring your car to the dealership and find out that it needs other service, as well. But there are several differences. For one, the technicians at the dealership won't resort to pushiness and scare tactics like you might find at franchise oil change places. The other difference is that a dealership will have authorized mechanics who know how to treat your Chevrolet.

Choosing the dealership can get you an oil change that's focused on quality, with speed as a nice benefit 

3. Quick Oil Change Shops Lack OEM Parts

When you get an oil change, the oil filter is also supposed to be changed. If you have the oil changed at an authorized Chevrolet dealership, the technicians will use genuine OEM oil filters. These filters meet the strict standards that all OEM and factory-approved Chevy parts must meet. At franchise oil places, however, you won't likely find any OEM filters or other parts. Instead, they rely on aftermarket parts that are designed to fit as many vehicles as possible, and which may not live up to the same standards.

2. You'll Have To Keep All Documentation

It's always wise to keep a record of services that have been performed on your Chevrolet, particularly if it's still under warranty. If there's any warranty work that needs to be performed, it will be necessary to show that you've taken care of your vehicle. If you have oil changes performed at the dealership, we'll keep records of all the services you've had performed here. But if you have it performed elsewhere, you'll need to keep paper copies.

1. Franchise Places Often Focus on Speed Over Quality

Have you ever noticed how many oil change franchises have words like "instant," "express," and "jiffy" in their names? Speed is the focus in many of these places. There's nothing wrong with getting the job done quickly--as long as it's not at the expense of quality. Unfortunately, many of these franchises make speed more important than quality. The fast turnaround necessary to make as much profit as possible means that the people changing the oil may make mistakes like not properly tightening the drain plug or oil filter. This can lead to leaks and other problems.

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