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There are many things in life that you take for granted until they stop working, and then you realize how important they are. Car keys are one such thing. From unlocking your car to starting it up, car keys are a simple part of everyday activities. When there's a problem with your car key or the components it's used with, like the door locks or the ignition cylinder, it can throw your whole day out of whack. But at Capitol Chevrolet, we want to help by giving you important information about what your Chevy needs. Find out more about these problems below.

If the key fob battery is dead, your car won't unlock remotely 

6. Problem: You're Using the Wrong Key

Symptoms: You may be unable to unlock your vehicle. Or, if it's already unlocked, you may be unable to start it. This is actually more common than you might think, particularly if you own two Chevrolet models with keys that look similar. However, there's even a chance (slim though it may be) of it happening in a parking lot. There's a possibility that your car key may be able to unlock another vehicle, though the transponder in the key will prevent you from driving off. Whether this happens at home or somewhere else, double-check to make sure that you're using the right keys, and that you're in the right car.

A worn key or door lock may cause problems 

5. Problem: The Key Fob Battery Is Dead

Symptoms: A dead key fob battery is one of the more common problems we see in our service center. It means any remote functions from your key won't work. As a key fob battery gets low, you may notice that you need to be closer to the vehicle for remote functions to work, but often things simply stop working. Modern Chevy models with passive entry and push-button start will alert you when the key fob battery is getting low, so you'll have plenty of time to address the matter. However, we've found the easiest way to avoid this car key problem is to have its battery replaced as part of your regularly scheduled maintenance about once a year or so.

A worn ignition cylinder may make starting your car difficult or impossible 

4. The Door Lock Is Damaged

Symptoms: A damaged door lock will not lock or unlock properly. In our experience, this typically happens with vehicles that have fallen victim to theft or attempted break ins. However, keys and lock cylinders do wear out over time. Whatever the reason that a door lock or ignition lock isn't working, the most common fix is to simply replace the cylinder. If you know a locksmith that you truly trust, they might be able to fix it, but not always. To simply have the matter resolved without any run-around, we recommend stopping by an authorized dealership service center like ours with any key or lock issues your vehicle may have.

3. The Key Is Worn Or Damaged

Symptoms: A key that is damaged may prove difficult to use. In fact, it may make these things impossible. Have you ever carried something in your pocket that wears down over time? Your car's key is tougher, but may eventually fall to the same fate. Or, physical damage may affect the grooves. Whatever the cause, any change to your car keys may make engaging the internal mechanisms difficult or impossible.

2. The Ignition Cylinder Is Worn

Symptoms: Your key will be unable to turn in the ignition, or it may either get stuck or fall out. If this happens, it's best to get an entirely new ignition cylinder. To slow down the rate at which the cylinder wears out, you might want to take a look at what's on your keychain. Heavy keychains can wear out ignition cylinders faster.

1. The Ignition Lock Is On

Symptoms: You won't be able to turn your key in the ignition, and the steering wheel will also be locked. Fortunately, this one is simply a security measure meant to prevent hotwiring, and it's easy to fix! It gets activated if your steering wheel turns after the engine is turned off. To fix it, simply move the wheel back and forth gently as you attempt to turn the key in the ignition.

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