Reasons Why Steering Wheel May be Shaky - Service Information at Capitol Chevrolet

A vibrating steering wheel might be easy to ignore at first. After all, it doesn't always seem quite as urgent as other car problems. But it can actually be a sign of serious trouble, and it's something that you should pay attention to. The best thing to do if you feel vibrations in your steering wheel is to have your Chevy taken to the dealership service center for a proper diagnosis. While this is the best way to actually figure out what's causing the vibration, you might be able to get a general sense of what may be wrong by taking note of when the wheel tends to vibrate most. So, when does your steering wheel vibrate?

New brake rotor

4. When You Hit the Brakes

If the steering wheel stays steady when you're cruising down the highway, but begins to shudder when you hit the brakes, it's no surprise that the problem is likely within the braking system. The most likely culprit is warped brake rotors. When the rotors are warped, the brake pads don't always make complete content. As the brake pads jump over part of the rotors, vibration is caused. Often, you can also feel this vibration in the brake pedal as well as the steering wheel. Though it's possible to feel this vibration any time you brake, it's most common when your brakes are working harder, like when you slow down from highway speeds.

Wheel alignment service

3. At Faster Speeds

Your drive may be perfectly pleasant when you're driving around the city--but as soon as you hit freeway speeds, the wheel begins to shake and vibrate. If this happens to you, the most likely explanation is misaligned wheels or tires that aren't in balance. As the wheels shudder and shake slightly, your steering wheel will do the same. However, this isn't a symptom to be taken lightly, as it could also indicate a much less common problem: axle damage. While this is not something we see as often as misaligned wheels, it's better to be safe than sorry and have the matter inspected by a factory-trained expert.

2. When You Turn

A steering wheel that shudders and vibrates when you turn it is likely due to a loose wheel hub bearing. These bearings serve a valuable function in reducing the friction in the wheels of your Chevy. If they are no longer lubricated, they can cause excessive friction that can damage your wheel. In addition to this vibration, you may also notice odd sounds like a click or pop when you turn. Though this is an uncommon cause of steering wheel vibration, it's something that should be taken seriously.

Front end suspension

1. All the Time

If the steering wheel vibrates regardless of whether you're moving fast or slow, it's likely due to a problem with the suspension. Your vehicle's suspension system is complex and made of many parts, so diagnosing the exact cause can take some time and effort. It may be as simple as loose bushings or as difficult as physical damage to actual suspension components. No matter what the cause, it's important to get this looked at right away.